【For Interanational Students】Important Notice on Novel Coronavirus


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  • First grade generic skill test (PROG) (updated 3 June)

  • Schedule of PROG test was originally planned to change from Saturday, April 11th to Saturday, June 20, but it was further changed to Saturday, October 10th.

  • Inquiries regarding remote class subjects(Updated 30, April)

      [Important notice] Inquiries regarding the subjects listed in the remote class list (Updated 30, April) Click here 

     (Written in Japanese. Please use translator system)

    An additional Moodle training program will be held on 30th, April.   (Updated 28, April)

    Additional training programs will be held on 30th, April for new students who could not attend the training programs on 28th, April because of the limited attending number of students.

    The number of participants is limited, so please refrain from taking this.

    <Additional Moodle Workshop>

    4/30 (Thurs) [First time] 10: 00- [Second time] 11: 00-

    (The person in charge: Professor Hanazawa)

    (The person in charge: Professor Asami)

◎ Preparation and practice for remote classes conducting (Updated 26, April)

We will provide a program about preparation and practice from April 27 (Monday) to May 1 (Friday) toward the start for remote classes conducting on Thursday, May 7th.

This is a very important preparation process in order to rule out the problems, so all students of the Faculty of Engineering must carry it out.

For more information, please Click here (Written in Japanese. Please use translator system)

◎ Please register as soon as possible (Updated 24,April)

You can usually register for coursed student office in campus, but this year you have to register for courses outside the campus because of COVID-19 issue.

Therefore, we strongly suggested that you register your courses by the end of April in order to solve the problems which you may have with your registration.

【Note! ] A VPN connection is required when you will register for the courses from outside the campus. Click here for VPN connection setting. (Written in Japanese. Please use translator system)

* However, for new students (beginners), please start here first before setting VPN connection. (Written in Japanese. Please use translator system)

◎Regarding the purchase of textbooks (updated 22,April)

We would like to inform you that Kyushu Institute of Technology Co-op has started accepting orders online for purchase of textbooks..

Click here for the homepage of Kyushu Institute of Technology Co-op. (contact information)