Message from the dean

Encountering the Advanced Technology and becoming an international engineer

工学部長 横野 照尚

Teruhisa Ohno

The Graduate and Underraduate School of Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) is located in the TobataDistrict in the City Kitakyushu where this institute’s forerunner, Meiji College of Technology was esteblished over a century ago. The  urban campus is extremely convenient, as it is a mere 8-minute walk from the nearest train station, JR Kyushu-kodai-mae and is close to JR Kokura Station also as a Shinkansen Staion in the City of Kitakyushu, which is striving to be a World Capital of Sustainable Development.  In 1909 when the college opened its doors, the verdant campus was expansive area of approximately 260,000 m2 that was celevrated as an “autonomous hill of green forest.” While visagas of the past remain here and there, it was become a beautiful campus dominated by new buildings. In this setting, 3,654 students eagerly study and encounter technologies. 

The six courses in the School of Engineering and the single  master program, and single doctoral program in the Graduate School of Engineering are all founded based on the concept of “manufacturing.” The educational principle has been passed down from Meiji College of Technology, which aimed to cultivate “persons of learning and virture” - human resources of consequence - for the modernization and industrialization of Japnan. Even today, thet brilliance educational principle represented by the activities of our graduates is highly esteemed in the industrial wourld. While innovative training marks the education provided in the undergraduate and graduate schools, there are numerous manufacturing projects in which students voluntarily and independently take part, including the Development of Micro Satellite Project, the Student Formula Japan Competition, and Development Home Care Robot Project. There is also “Meisen-juku” an educational program suppoted by the alumni association. Meisenkai that demonstrate the power of tradition.  The program is periodically held by graduates working at exemplary companies who enthusiastically speak to the younger generation about topics such as social conditions in various industries, the latest technological information, what it means to be an engineer, and what engineers must accomplish while students.  Student’s awareness and practices in autonomous study and living are obtained thorough the interaction with graduates. Then those lead to both their activity in society after graduation and the excellent employment of students. 

The time spent as university and graduate school students is the period right before the journey into society to find one’s place, and is a crucial time that may even determine the course of future life.  The Graduate School of Engineering is waiting for aspiring engineers to grow within this institute’s  wonderful educational environment, and soar into the world and your future career as an international engineer.